Climate Change has become the number one issue here in Australia this year. Our politicians are debating it in parliament and even losing their jobs because over it, water issues such as the Traviston Dam continue to concern communities and rallies have been held around the country to send a message to leaders in Copenhagen.

Climate Change has also become a feature in the realm of photography too and I just discovered yet another competition seeking entrants for images documenting the process – see

I took part in the Canvas for Change competition with Oxfam last year and became a finalist. I can’t find the link now where you voted for images, but the winners are listed here. I always find it’s hard to compete as a photographer with fine artists and illustrators but I was pleased to be short listed. Here is the image I submitted which I thought might be of interest to those concerned with Climate Change.

The Sea is Coming

The Sea is Coming

The Motuans live in houses built on stilts over the sea on the southeastern coast of Papua New Guinea. As climate change effects sea levels the tides are inching closer to these peoples homes. In some parts of PNG rising waters have already swamped farms, destroyed crops and forced people to move and become climate refugees.


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