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Photo gallery: close encounters of the koala kind in Noosa

I spent a few days in Noosa last week to take a break from fixing the house up after the Brisbane floods.

It was great to have some R&R time doing very little. However one of my favourite past times in Noosa is walking through the national park, and this time I was treated by meeting a very special park resident.

Here are some images:

I was walking in the Noosa National Park photographing surfers when this little guy appeared by the walking path.

He began scuttling down the path in front of me, hopping along like a rabbit at times.

He surprised this surfer.

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The Brisbane floods – a photographic glimpse in 40 shots

After years of covering other disasters it was finally my turn to be one of the victims. I was one of the casualties of the floods that struck Brisbane city the week of January 10-14. My house was evacuated, the bottom storey was destroyed and we’ve had a mammoth effort to clean and start rebuilding the property.

I was so busy it was difficult to document much of what was going on. However I’ve managed to pull out 40 photographs that detail the water buildup, the evacuation, full scale flood in my area, cleanup and volunteer effort. I did not have time to travel around the city or go anywhere beyond my few blocks as we were in full on crisis. And so this gallery is really a look at what was happening around a few streets in Auchenflower over the flood week and the days since.

Please refer to my blogs on Asian Correspondent for more details on the events.

The street first begins to flood, January 11, 2011.

An early casualty. Lunch time, January 11, 2011.

Even ducks won’t go in the water. January 11, 2011.

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Post floods – Visited Planet back in business

My apologies to any of those that tune into this blog recently. I have had an unexpected hiatus as my house in Brisbane was one of those recently affected in the Queensland floods.

Prompt evacuation of computers, hard drives, cameras, my slide library (now shoot digital of course) and personal effects meant no Visited Planet assets were harmed by flood water. However it’s been a mammoth effort to clean the house and re-establish our lives.

I took a lot of images during the floods and subsequent cleanup and will post these on the blog in coming days.

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Images of flash flooding in Brisbane

These images were taken late yesterday as flash flooding inundated suburbs in Brisbane. Sixty percent of Queensland has been swamped with water although fortunately the capital has received comparably mild flooding. With people losing homes, stock, crops, property, businesses and other assets it’s become a disaster of epic proportions. You can help by donating to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

Flooded street in Auchenflower, Brisbane on January 9, 2011.

A flooded street in Auchenflower, January 9, 2011.

Kids playing in floodwater, Brisbane, January 9, 2011

Motorists stuck in the rain. January 9, 2011.w

For more photographs see my latest blog on Asian Correspondent. I have also written some other reports on the news website.


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5 travel photography tips – part 4

VP PHOTO TIP 16: If you’re shooting portraits make sure the sun or light isn’t casting horrible shadows or creating double chins

VP PHOTO TIP 17: Turn your flash off as much as possible to get lovely soft natural light. In some locations, such as churches and museums, you can’t use a flash so get used to shooting without it

VP PHOTO TIP 18: If you’re shooting without a flash learn to create your own tripod: books, lenses, bags, chairs and benches all make good fill in options

VP PHOTO TIP 19: Lookout for reflections! If you’re shooting a building or glass window front make sure you haven’t got horrible reflective light that will spoil the image, or worse still mirror you into the image. Sometimes reflections can be used to your advantage.

VP PHOTO TIP 20: Capture leading lines and angles. Are there natural lines and angles in the image that can lead your eye into it, creating action and drama? Leave them in and utilise them eg. a winding stream or railway track leading into the horizon, a tree branch angled into the shot etc.

For other travel photography tips see:
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