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Photo gallery: The Garwhali brides

This is one of three photographic essays that were submitted to Panos Pictures recently. It details some of the issues Garwhali women face in the rugged Himalayan region of India.

The Garwhal is a rugged mountain range at the foot hills of the Himalayas in India’s northern state of Uttarkhand. It is peppered with deep gorges, ravines and high mountains over 20,000 feet.

Garwhal landscape Uttarkhand

The hilly terrain and rough weather makes road connectivity a problem and even where there are roads they can be damaged or cut off by snow, landslides or monsoon rain throughout the year.

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Notes on a photography submission

I recently sent a submission to Panos Pictures to become part of their photographic agency. I have been interested in Panos for some time as their network incorporates documentary photographers who specialise in global social issues. That is primarily what Visited Planet is on about.

I contacted them a year or two ago and was told they were not taking new photographers at the time. But about a week ago I saw they had advertised inviting submissions from photographers who wished to join Panos.

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Photo gallery: Mind numbingly beautiful spots on NZ's south island

New Zealand is one of my all time favourite places which is saying a lot given I’ve traveled to about 40 countries. It’s a bit tough to make a definitive all time favourite list with the incredible number of beautiful landscapes, fantastic walks and national parks to choose from. But these places on the South Island are all open and ready for business, so don’t be scared by the quakes up north, you’re a long way from harm down in this corner of the nation. Read more

Photo gallery: British royalty and reflections on Prince William's tour Down Under

There’s been plenty of hype in recent days here in Australia about Prince William’s visit to flood and cyclone affected areas of Queensland and Victoria. It’s been great to see, despite our republican tendencies, that Australians remain very warm towards the British royal family.

The second in line to the royal throne has done much to endear himself to the Australian public. He visited communities devastated by the Black Saturday fires of 2009 in January 2010, and his visit this year coupled with the fact he is the son of the much-loved Princess Diana, has firmly cemented his place in Australia’s affections.

I was way too busy to get to any of the waiting points to see Prince William, even though he actually came right into Brisbane, probably about 5km from my house. In any case I had a dose of royalty last year when I visited the United Kingdom. These photos below are ones I took of the Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles at the Braemar Highland Games in Scotland. Read more

Celebrating St Patrick's Day and all things Irish

I know everyone has been concerned with Japan, New Zealand and Australia in recent months with unfolding disasters across these nations. However the downturn in Ireland’s economic fortunes is also of concern to many and there has again been a out-flux of immigrants to nations around the world such as Australia and New Zealand.

“Remember the Celtic Tiger? Well, she turned out to be a pussycat with a shamrock. Ireland was the hot country of the 2000s as youth from throughout the euro zone flocked there for jobs in finance, software development, restaurants, what have you…That was then. A property bubble burst badly, leaving Irish banks technically insolvent and the government deeply in debt — its ratio of deficit to GDP, at 14.3%, is higher than that of Greece…the Irish government pledges to cut more, but you can’t get blood from a blarney stone.”
– Howard Gold, 9/27/2010

Last year I met a number of young Irish men with working holiday visas in Australia. They said their parents had told them to stay away as long as possible as there was no work to come home to. It seemed a very sad indictment of affairs.
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