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10 brown landscapes from around the world

Today I received a photo request for some “brown landscapes”. There were very few other parameters except for “no people”. Here’s a few I picked out from around the globe although it was hard to get past the landscapes here at home in Australia.

Fields near Volterra in summer, Tuscany, Italy

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
Marcel Proust

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Photo gallery: The Borneo orangutans

I’ve spent the last few days sorting through piles of images and came across these of orangutans in Borneo that I haven’t really posted online yet. Most of the shots here were taken at the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre just outside of Kuching in Sarawak.

Intelligent and endearing they have many human-like qualities and in fact in Malay, orangutan means man of the forest. The orangutan species in Borneo are endangered with less than 14 percent surviving.

The information contained below comes from wikipedia.

The man of the forest in full swing.


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Creating digital storage space

Since I returned home I’ve spent most of my spare time organizing computer space for all my new images from my recent trip.

I’m still far from convinced that digital saves time over negative but I’ve been embracing this medium for a few years now and need to see it through.

I’m not entirely sure my digital storage system is the best but what I’ve done is kept all my files on my main computer and then I have created backup storage on individual hard drives that I slot into a hard drive dock to read from.

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Photo gallery: Maluku Islands torn apart by violence

This is the third and final photo gallery of my time in Indonesia. Click here for previous galleries on the Mt Merapi volcano and slums in North Jakarta. If you would like to contribute to any of these projects please contact

Inter religious violence in this remote province of Indonesia almost destroyed one village on a major island a few years ago. Early one morning before sunrise the neighbouring village attacked, killed anyone they found and burned all buildings to the ground including schools, houses and churches. The attack was in retaliation for a dispute over land; resultant from a governor awarding land to one village that had belonged to the other. Project work has thus focused on rebuilding homes.

The seeming idyllic nature of life on the Maluku Islands.

While isolated with limited transport/road access, electricity, shopping or the luxuries of life there is much to enjoy here in beautiful natural surrounds.


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Photo gallery: Mt Merapi the mountain of fire

Mt Merapi is one of the 76 active volcanoes in Indonesia. In fact it’s the most volatile of all with smoke billowing from the summit 300 days a year and frequent eruptions that often claim lives.

In October 2010 the volcanic activity on the mountain escalated as lava, smoke and ash erupted into the surrounding region killing 353 people and displacing 320,000.

Project work I visited in this region in May 2011 has been multi-fold:
* assisting in the rebuild of homes destroyed by lava flow, fire, ash and flood waters
* restoring cattle herds and farming land to residents reliant on these industries for food/business
* re-establishing drinking water sources
* replacing destroyed/lost school uniforms and books

The smoking culprit - Mt Merapi.

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