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New site design for Visited Planet

About two weeks ago I visited my original webmaster, Ben Van Klinken, for tips on how to reorganize my site. So you may well see weird changes to the blogs and site as that’s being sorted out – someone has already pointed out they don’t like the blog (and I don’t either so it will be changed before long).

Anyway Ben wrote this incredible program for the database years ago that has functioned without a glitch for a whole decade. Even he’s been amazed by that.

Anyway the long and the short of it, is that within a month or so there should be a new look Visited Planet that is far less klunky and old fashioned. If you’ve been checking out the site for awhile–thanks–feel free to send in some ideas.

It will have much better social media, a far easier shopping cart and the possibility to order prints, books, cards etc directly off the site. The main issue will be finding time to do all this but I’m hoping to stop doing so much editing work and return to my first loves–writing and photography–hopefully pretty much full time like I used to within the next few months. With that should hopefully come all the products I used to do – cards, calendars, maybe even some exhibitions.

So please stay tuned til then…

Feel free to email Jo at with your comments/thoughts/photo aspirations. See and learn more at

5 photos of road trains

I had a client request images of road trains last week. I had a great time up in the Kimberley a few years ago driving around with some of these drivers.

Here are some of those shots of these gentlemen of the outback.

A driver emerges from the dust.

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Photo gallery: Seasons of the soul in landscapes

I am leading a discussion on seasons of the soul tomorrow night and have been trolling through some images of the four seasons to use to highlight this. Here are a few I’ve found.


Spring flowers break through the winter cold, southern France.

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

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10 images to brighten your day

I visited a friend in hospital on Saturday who has AIDS. Since my last visit he’d had a rough week – vomiting up all his food. He looked even more gaunt and skinny, if that’s possible.

I’d taken in some prints of my work as he’d expressed an interest last week to see some of my photography. I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare anything – just took in a few of my calendars, cards and old prints that were lying around.

Somehow in that pile of images were some really great, colourful shots that brought a smile to his lips. He particularly loved any of the images of India and my parents hiking in New Zealand.

I’ve included some of the images in this list of shots that I showed him and I dedicate all of them to Rudy and the 33.4 million people living worldwide with HIV/AIDS.

Hiking the Key Summit track, Routeburn, New Zealand

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