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Feature gallery: Khovskol Lake, Mongolia

I’ve been madly uploading images to the new database still and it’s actually been a wonderful way of reminding myself of where I’ve been and what images I’ve taken!

With that in mind here’s some fantastic images from an overland trip in Mongolia to Khovskol Lake. I’m still familiarizing myself with the gallery setups here. Hopefully the images rotate when you refresh but if not see the whole gallery at this link. We came across a reindeer herder whose little foal had an abscess on her leg. We miraculously had a vet amongst us who performed on the spot surgery – hence a few gory images in this gallery.

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Visited Planet live on air

I was interviewed by two radio programs recently which I hope has done something to promote the work of Visited Planet, particularly the recent branch out into Cameras for Asia.

The first radio station was YYY, a Catholic radio station in Mitchelton, Brisbane that broadcasts to suburbs in that vicinity. The program that interviewed me was “On Eagles Wings” which allows you to choose a selection of music relevant to your life story / experience and then interviews you about what you do.

I was in good company – before me they’d had a former Gay Queen and an insurance inspector that travels the world after natural disasters inspecting claims. So it’s quite an eclectic mix of people on YYY and it was fun. Thanks Pete and Mike for having me.

You can see a list of programs at the website. My program was the week of 6th February and this link should take you direct to it to listen or download:

The other program was “The Be Real Radio Program” hosted by Youth for Christ (YFC) on This is a national program broadcast around Australia and does not contain betting or racing information!! YFC features people involved in some sort of community development/youth work/etc so it was a great honour to be on there again. I was interviewed by them a few years ago. Thanks Abby for having me.

There are a few links about the show you can check out here but I am yet to find a direct link to our program. I’ll post that when I can:

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