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Dunnies downunder – post 2

As promised here’s another outback loo in Australia.

This one was designed by a friend at Kenilworth in the Sunshine Coast hinterland of Queensland. I can personally recount there were views – passing livestock that nosied by, the odd spider and snake, the sawdust at the bottom of the pit and the meandering Mary River just nearby… memorable.


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Outback dunnies downunder

I’ve just been commissioned to do a piece on Australia’s outback dunnies–yeah it’s a great job–and came up with this photo from the archives.

It’s the leaning dunny of Silverton, with an occupant that has done as the sign requests and dropped in.

Silverton, New South Wales, Australia

I’ll post a few more photos in coming days.


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New gallery: Trekking by the Annapurnas

Last month I returned to Nepal for the first time in 11 years. Part of the trip included a trek from Birethanti to Ghorepani (two days of the Annapurna Circuit) then two days across to Chomrong where we joined the Annapurna Base Camp route and returned to Birethanti.

Here are some highlights. Click here for the full gallery.

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New gallery: Songkran madness, Bangkok

I thought I’d seen some crazy festivals in my time, but the Thai new year celebrations in Bangkok still took me by surprise.

The festival basically amounts to an enormous water fight, although many Thais do visit the wats and temples for merit making, prayers and so on, plus there are some amazing cultural events around the city. But it’s the water you have to look out for. I never got more than a few steps from the hotel without being doused each day – which was fantastic anyway as it was pretty warm around 35 degrees each day.

Wherever you go there are people on street corners with hoses and buckets, cars coming past with water barrels in the back and motorbike riders wielding water guns.

Photography was really difficult and I went out armed with a water proof bags and plenty of plastic and had to shoot under pretty hurried conditions. Still some shots came out okay. Here are some favourites.

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New gallery: Regatta Lepa, Borneo, Malaysia

Boats bedecked with swaying dancers in full costume, heaving markets, nightly cultural performances, lantern parades, fireworks… the Regatta Lepa in Semporna in the state of Saba is a feast of images.

Not entirely sure these do it credit but here’s a small taste, click through to the full gallery of Regatta Lepa.

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