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Eating and drinking around the world in pictures

When I first moved to Italy a man asked if I would join him and his wife for dinner. I declined politely as I couldn’t speak Italian well at the time. He said if I liked to eat I should come for dinner. To an Italian that’s pretty simple.

Some of the most memorable moments you have as a traveler or photographer are eating and drinking; sitting in quiet cafes people watching, being invited into a wedding when you were just walking down the street, tasting something rather unidentifiable that is surprisingly good… there are endless moments like these.

Here are some of these moments in photographs.

Hunters, their dogs and catchBy Joanne LanehuntinghuntersItalyTuscanyDogsGunsRabbitsAnimals
Hunters celebrating their catch in Tuscany, Italy. Read more

Fabrics and textiles from around the world

I regularly photograph the crafts of the countries I visit. There are such colourful fabrics and textiles on show that make for great macro photography. Plus I love to visit cottage industries and little shops were crafts are still being practiced. I’ve also written a few articles on these kinds of places or what is available for sale. I just published an article on Travel Wire Asia: “Best artisanal buys  in Malaysia” (part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia). I previously did another one for Travel Wire Asia on arts and crafts in Burma.

In both articles were a series of photographs of some of these products. Please take a look, or scroll down below for some from around the world.

Hand weaving in Mandalay, Burma.

Bagan, Myanmar

Pottery in Bagan, Burma.

Kirtipur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Weaving in the Kathmandu Valley.

Rumah Bundong longhouse, Kapit, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

Iban handicrafts, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Colourful Gujurati cloth designs, India

A potter at work, Rann of Kutch, Gujurat, India

Batik designs, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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Photographing wildlife: the orangutans of Semenggoh

Wildlife photography requires quite a bit of patience, a good lens, plenty of anticipation and above all, luck.

While I do generally photograph people, I have enjoyed photographing wildlife during my travels and while I prefer the chance encounters in the wild, there are some great national parks and wildlife centres in the world that give you a fantastic experience that rates similarly. These are places you can interact with wildlife in a natural environment without enclosures and restrictions for the animals.

The Semenggoh rehabilitation centre in Sarawak is one of these where wild orangutan come daily to feed at the centre to supplement their diet as their natural habitat diminishes. It’s a good measure to keep the orangutans safe and healthy, and tourists like me wanting a close up and personal experience with them.

My photographs and text of this visit were just published on Travel Wire Asia: “Close encounters of the primate kind: visiting the Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre” (part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia).

However here are some more of my images from this visit. To see the full gallery click here.

Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

Semenggoh Rehabilitation Centre, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia Read more

Photo gallery: hiking around the world

Hiking is a passion of mine when I travel and I’m fortunate to have had experiences on the slopes of mountains in Italy and Switzerland, the moors of England, the highlands of Scotland, the rough ranges of Tasmania and the wilds of New Zealand.

I was inspired to produce this particular post of some of my favourite hikes by an article I wrote recently for Travel Wire Asia – “Hiking in the Cameron Highlands” about an experience there amongst the tea plantations, misty hills and alpine climate of this highland in Malaysia. The article was also part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia.

Hiking in the Cameron Highlands was memorable not just because of the incredible landscapes, but also the inherent danger in hiking in this region. You do need to be prepared for the challenges the mist, rain and cold bring to your person but also to navigation and therein lies part of the challenge that inspires many to visit this region every year.

Although that is true of hiking just about anywhere and all the images below are from places with changeable climates – something that contributes greatly to their inherent beauty too.

Here are some of my favourite images of places I’ve hiked around the world.

This first image of Sri Lanka features similar landscapes to those of the Cameron Highlands. Strolling through plantations past the pickers was a great way to take in part of the incredible production line that is tea in this part of the world.

Views that inspire from every angle – hiking the Routeburn in New Zealand.

The Overland Track is one of Australia’s best loved wilderness walks in the heart of Tasmania.

Glencoe, Highlands, Scotland

The highlands of Scotland beg further exploration, particularly around spectacular Glen Coe.

Poon Hill to Chomrong trek, Annapurna, Nepal
Stunning rice terraces in the Annapurna regions of Nepal.


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Meeting the Iban of Sarawak

The Iban are one of Malaysia’s ethnic groups and have one of the nation’s most fierce and colourful histories.

They were actually head hunters–yes you read that right–although today they are more likely to take in a paying guest than take their head. Still their liberal tattoos make them a formidable sight. It is possible to stay with these tribes now in their longhouses. You simply need to see the longhouse chief and negotiate with them.

My text and images detailing an experience staying with them were just used in an article on Travel Wire Asia – “Enjoying the hospitality of headhunters in Borneo.” The article was also part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia.

Here are some image highlights from the visit reflecting some of the life in the Rumah Bundong guesthouse near Kapit from work in the fields to the life of children. To see the full gallery click here.

Rumah Bundong longhouse, Kapit, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia

Rumah Bundong longhouse, Kapit, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia Read more

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