Visited Planet has taken Cameras for Asia to India this month. Thanks to a generous donation from St Aidan’s school in Brisbane 10 cameras were donated for this trip and will be left in a variety of centres in south and north India.

The first Visited Planet workshop took place in central Hyderabad at a HIV clinic where patients come to receive free medical treatment and counselling from an array of committed volunteers.

I was privileged to sit in on some interviews with the patients and learn of their struggles. Many of these stories were heartbreaking, particularly for women who contracted the virus from their husbands.

There is a huge stigma attached to those who are HIV positive and many are shunned by their families, friends and communities making life a challenge both socially and economically. Most of this comes from a misconception that HIV can be passed simply through touch or sharing a cup or plate.

Workshops were held both with the doctors who treat the patients, the volunteer counseling staff and the children of some of the patients. These boys were particularly a delight to interact with and truly seemed to enjoy the lessons.

Unfortunately weather in Hyderabad was wet and not conducive to a lot of exploration out on the streets. However here’s a selection of their best shots.

A patient is taken home after his consultation.

A doctor in the clinic checking blood pressure.

Life on the busy street outside the clinic.


An action shot demonstrating movement. In this case India’s three wheeler or auto rickshaw.


Class shot showing the teacher and some students.

Class shot.


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