For those wanting a bit of an inside look into what is involved when Cameras for Asia goes into action, enjoy scrolling through these images. All the cameras used by the kids here were donated by people in Queensland, Australia. In all the workshops there are lessons on how to use them and then we do a number of excursions wherever possible. The cameras stay behind when the workshops end.

The Burmese girls loved finding flowers to photograph. These kids were from an orphanage and very disadvantaged backgrounds.

Kids from the Moravian school in north India locate a spider in the shrubbery to practice macro skills on.

These Indian guys from Andhra Pradesh loved the portrait taking session – natural posers. I eventually banned them from taking shots of each other!

Action photography was a hoot with the Burmese kids in Yangon as they attempted to capture the moment one of the boys kicked a football. The concentration was amazing and the reactions were priceless afterwards with many of them dissolving into laughter at their results, or just the fun and excitement of it.

Sharing the knowledge. Grade 12 girls working together in North India at the Moravian school.


Radhika works at a HIV clinic in Hyderabad. She was always first to class and last to leave. The clinic does an amazing job reaching out to HIV/AIDS sufferers.


Dogs were a much loved subject for the Burmese boys in Yangon. But they proved to be more a challenge than the girls’ choice (flowers)  as they never sat still for long.


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