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Helping hands

Helping Hands runs a van that delivers coffee, food and bread to people in Ipswich several days a week. It’s a great service connecting with marginalised people and showing love. In honour of Helping Hands, here’s a few photos and quotes of other hands at work, rest, play and helping others.

A woman making a Batik cloth, Yogyakarta, after an earthquake that devastated the village. It was good to see their crafts were still practiced despite the piles of rubble around them.

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In portraits: children

Children are some of the most interesting and vibrant portraits I’ve shot over the years. Never still, curious, unpredictable, amazing facial expressions and simply delightful. They also love cameras.

Poon Hill to Chomrong trek, Annapurna, Nepal

Poon Hill to Chomrong trek, Annapurna, Nepal

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On flood alert in Brisbane – images from January 2013

Mother Nature was on our side in Auchenflower this week when flood waters didn’t rise as high as first anticipated. Still it created a lot of work for us sandbagging low lying areas, evacuating furniture and electrical appliances and making preparations.

While we grieve for those that have lost everything, those in flood prone suburbs in Brisbane heaved enormous sighs of relief when it was all over.

I wrote a longer piece about it for Asian Correspondent here: Australia: Flooding déjà vu for Queensland.

To contribute to the recovery efforts see this website for how to make a donation or volunteer. The government’s Queensland Flood Appeal is being coordinated with Red Cross.

Wellington boots the best way to get through the Auchenflower flood waters.

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