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Images celebrating Universal Children’s Day

November 20 is Universal Children’s Day. And while we can celebrate the joy children give us it’s also good to remember¬†57 million children around the world don’t go to school and 70% of child deaths are attributable to diarrhoea, malaria, neonatal infection, pneumonia, preterm delivery or lack of oxygen at birth.

Six of the eight Millennium Development Goals to halve extreme poverty by 2015 relate to children Рour future. With that in mind here are some images celebrating children around the world.

Their excitement was infectious.

Young Burmese boys on truck transport in Yangon, Myanmar.

“How paramount the future is to the present when one is surrounded by children.”
-Charles Darwin

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In pictures: World toilet day celebrating the humble loo

Loo with a view, Kenilworth, Queensland

Loo with a view and a few spiders, Kenilworth, Queensland

November 19 is World Toilet Day and before you recount any pending toilet jokes you’ve saved up, do note it’s recognised by the United Nations! That means Toilet Day is far more serious than you think and that’s because (according to World Toilet Day):

  • 2.5 billion people do not have a clean toilet
  • 1.1 billion people defecate in the open
  • Investing $1 in sanitation generates a return of $5

I read Mulk Raj Anand’s book Untouchable (click to see on Amazon) last year, about the day in the life of an untouchable, an Indian boy whose job it is to clean the latrines. The lowest of the low, Bakha searches for an escape from the destiny to which he was born. He is presented with two options throughout the book – one to convert to Christianity where there is no caste system and the other from the teachings of Gandhi who calls for the freeing of Harijans. However Bakha comes up with his own solution – technology, in the form of a flush toilet, that would eliminate the need for a caste of toilet cleaners. Ingenious.

Flush toilets or not, it’s probably hard in the West to appreciate what not having a toilet is like until you’ve lived without one for any length of time (and I don’t mean just when you’re camping!) We’ve all probably had a good laugh at the obscure places we’ve found toilets, and the terrible condition some are in at times, but their existence is important and the images below celebrate them. When you sit down today give thanks for your toilet. And if you feel inspired check out the official page above for ways to get involved.

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Visited Planet on Instagram

If you’ve been checking out the Visited Planet Facebook page of late you’ll have noticed I joined Instagram a few weeks ago – thanks to those that have already interacted even though I’m new to this one.

While Instagram initially seemed to have all the trappings of yet another social media tool (on which to waste time), this is one I LOVE!! It’s all about photography obviously but more so the moments you come across–fun things, beautiful things, meaningful things, things you notice that you might not otherwise photograph… And they don’t have to be startling images either.


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