Someone asked me over the weekend why I was fundraising for Cameras for Asia if I was being paid to do it! I was a little dumbstruck initially but then realised perhaps I should clear the air – unfortunately I am not paid to run this program but I love doing it so I’m happy to continue.

Currently the fundraising through honey, calendar and card sales covers some of the costs which can run to $5000/year if I go to all three countries. The program also takes up about two months of my year in which I am unable to work as the program is too time consuming to manage anything else. I don’t get leave pay as a freelancer and running the program isn’t a holiday even though it’s also very enjoyable 🙂

Cameras for Asia students in Nepal.

Cameras for Asia students in Nepal.

I started fundraising two years ago as I realised it would be not be sustainable for me long term if it continued with me delving into my own funds. Fundraising doesn’t come naturally to me but so far it’s been successful enough to keep it all afloat! I do not yet cover my costs each year but in general I am able to cover many on the ground costs and that is a real blessing.

That sometimes means cameras sit in a drawer for a year or more until a piece of equipment comes in (eg. a battery, charger etc) or why I am unable to expand the program despite all your requests and suggestions. But it’s also why I’m so grateful for those that do support the program through these sales.

Fundraising dinner for Cameras for Asia.

Recent fundraising dinner for Cameras for Asia.

To some degree I think opening Cameras for Asia up to funding has also improved the community nature of the program as people feel more connected and involved and own the program too. I hosted a fundraising dinner recently which was a really great way of including people in that journey, the communities this program has touched and the life that goes beyond the sessions I do. It was also great to see people making other positive connections through the projects they are involved in.

In a world in which we are currently asked to be interested in a particular community, cause and event it is heartening people are interested in Cameras for Asia. Taking photographs may not change the life of all the people involved but it does touch them and it encourages, empowers and educates.

And in the meantime yes I am very open donations, ideas and other sources to fund Cameras for Asia. Feel free to get in touch with me about it!


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