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Happy Chinese New Year

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese calendar and hello to the Year of the Sheep. Although apparently in Mandarin a “yang” is a horned animal so it could be the year of the goat or ram too.

In any case it’s time to bid farewell to the Year of the Horse and celebrate as communities will be doing all around the world with fireworks, eating and many packed trains. Apparently this time of year marks the world’s largest annual human migration.

If you’re not in a big Chinese centre though you may be forgiven for not noticing this, and with that in mind today I’m bringing a little bit of Chinese culture, landscape and other facets to you, hopefully some of which you haven’t seen before.

While the “yang” may have qualities such as being docile, weak and a follower I hope it’s not quite like that for you. Perhaps this year we should dare not to be a yang. In any case Happy Chinese New Year to you all.

If you want to see more images of China please go to this link on my database.


The dragon dance is a typical part of Chinese culture and will no doubt be performed around the world for new year celebrations. Dragons are considered a symbol of good luck.

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Vimeo: Cameras for Asia slideshow

Take a look inside the exciting world of Cameras for Asia with this promotional slideshow video.

Cameras for Asia 2015 from Joanne Lane on Vimeo.
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