These select book and film reviews have been chosen as they have aided in some part to the work of Visited Planet or have themes in keeping with current projects. If you need holiday or inspiring reading or viewing I recommend all these titles. And what’s more the reviews provide links to the Amazon store where a small percent of your purchase will go towards helping Visited Planet, thus funding more of the projects mentioned on the pages of this site.

 Sheer Will (book)
This book details the inspirational climbs of Australian mountaineer Michael Groom who lost a third of both his feet to frostbite but went on to climb the world’s five highest mountains. Written in a non-assuming style without the ego often common in these books. If you read a single book about climbing in the world’s highest places, and particularly the 1996 Everest disaster, this should be it. Read the review here.
 I am Malala (book) “The girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban”
Malala Yousafzai almost paid the ultimate price in her fight for the right to an education when she was shot in the head by the Taliban. Miraculously she survived. Her story serveS as an education for readers in understanding how this basic right is denied to many girls around the world and how one person’s voice can make a difference. Read the review here.
 12 Years a Slave (film)
This film getting a lot of Oscar nods is harrowing, confronting and uplifting. It recounts the true tale of Solomon Northup who was kidnapped, drugged and sold into slavery and his struggle for survival. This is a hard film to watch but it’s a story that should be told and needs to be seen. Read the review here.

 Girl Rising (film)
Docudrama that recounts the desire and struggle of nine young girls around the world to seek an education. These girls from countries like Nepal, Peru, Haiti, Egypt, India and Afghanistan face some incredible barriers – bonded labour, extreme poverty, early marriage or even the destruction of their school after an earthquake. Read the review here. 

 Mystery Road (film)
A new film by Ivan Sven starring Hugo Weaving, Aaron Pedersen and Jack Thompson about an Indigenous detective investigating the death of a young aboriginal girl. Plenty of excellent commentary about racial tensions and social malaise in rural communities. Read the review here.
 Uncommon Soldier (book)
Chris Masters (to be reviewed shortly, in the meantime enjoy this review of the “Reporting War” session by Chris at the 2013 Brisbane Writers Festival). This book looks at the character of the modern Australian soldier was war fighter, peacekeeper, street-level diplomat and aid worker. Chris is one of Australia’s most well known investigative journalists and a multi Walkley award winner.
One Man and a Narrowboat: Slowing Down Time on England’s Waterways (book)Steve Haywood
There are two quotes inside the book I read while narrow boating from Stratford-upon-Avon to Oxford: Time and tide wait for no man (Old English proverb) and Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana (Old English joke). Both seemed fitting… Read the review here (pending)



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