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Book review: One Man and a Narrowboat: Slowing Down Time on England’s Waterways

Title: One Man and a Narrowboat
Author: Steve Haywood
Subject: canal boating, travel
Why: good travel reading

There are two quotes inside the book I read while narrow boating from Stratford-upon-Avon to Oxford: “Time and tide wait for no man” (Old English proverb) and “Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana” (Old English joke). Both seemed fitting.┬áTruth be told, the book “One Man and a Narrowboat: Slowing Down Time on England’s Waterways” by Steve Haywood was a good companion.

Not only did he describe so evocatively the scenes that flashed before me — the pubs, the characters, the bridges, the towns and countryside — but he put me in touch with the national soul, as was in fact his inspiration to spend a year jollying on the canals.

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Review: Reporting War by Chris Masters

On Friday I attended the Chris Masters’ ‘Reporting War’ session at the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Chris is one of Australia’s best known investigative reporters, a multi Walkley Award winner but perhaps best known for his time at Four Corners and his work in the Fitzgerald Inquiry. The session was largely about writing Uncommon Soldier and his experiences in war reporting. This book is currently signed and awaiting my attention (a review will follow). This book won the Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards – Excellence in Non-fiction Award. It was shortlisted this year in the Prime Ministers Literary Awards – Non-fiction.

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