It’s been a full on month for Visited Planet with a week in Malaysia and three in Burma (Myanmar).

I’ll be posting images of the work and travel I did there in coming days including the photographic workshops with orphans on the outskirts of Yangon.

The highlight of the time in Myanmar was without doubt its rich, diverse and hospitable people. What an ethnic melting pot and such a generous and understanding culture who seem to embody such utter dignity with unfailing respect for all living creatures – no doubt born of a strong Buddhist culture.

They also seem to have come from somewhere in Asia’s ancient past, seeking desperately to emerge into the 20th Century – let alone the 21st. Their neighbours have left them all for dust and I fear they have a long road ahead. Still their story and struggle can’t help but captivate and move you.

There were some encouraging signs post the 2010 election. Although somehow I fear “democracy” is still a word only to be whispered in Myanmar – much like in Gladiator when they spoke of the idea of Rome being so fragile that you could only whisper of it.

But still let us whisper together now for Myanmar!

More coming …

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