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Creating digital storage space

Since I returned home I’ve spent most of my spare time organizing computer space for all my new images from my recent trip.

I’m still far from convinced that digital saves time over negative but I’ve been embracing this medium for a few years now and need to see it through.

I’m not entirely sure my digital storage system is the best but what I’ve done is kept all my files on my main computer and then I have created backup storage on individual hard drives that I slot into a hard drive dock to read from.

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Never too late for a computer backup – 3 golden rules

I have spent the last three days dealing with the chaos created by a faulty SATA cable which fried my computer hard drive. You wouldn’t read about what happened with this cable, but fortunately I wasn’t actually far off with my computer backups. But it’s still been a bit of a headache.

However here’s some advice for photographers out there based on my experience:

1. It’s never too late or too early to start backing up – do it now!
If you haven’t got an automated backup system, then set aside a day a week/month when you do your backups manually. You can buy mirror drives now so if you lose one half of your drive the other part will still function. You can also get external drive caddies where you slot your hard drive into this, plug in the usb cord at the end and away you go.
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