Last month I was up in the Northern Territory for a few days and attended the beer can regatta on Mindil Beach in Darwin. I’m currently in the process of uploading images to this gallery. Here are some of my favourite shots from the day.

Those unfamiliar with the regatta should note that the boats are largely made of beer cans although they can use other devices for flotation – wooden hulls, drums and so on. The day begins with officials checking the boats for construction, safety and emergency equipment. This is all tongue in cheek of course as most competitors respond by saying their emergency equipment will consist of shouting and waving for help or calling up Dominoes pizza for rations – one boat had an old phone in the boat should they need to make a call.

Once the competition began however it became far more serious, although there was a bit of cheating going on from time to time with people cutting the course or getting outside assistance.

When there wasn’t action on the water, there were thong throwing competitions, a Henley on Mindil (in which competitors had to run their boats in the sand), sand castle building competitions and more. Meanwhile the Mindil markets blazed away behind selling everything from dim sums to milk smoothies. In all a fun day out for everyone.

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