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From Instagram: Indian colour

Being in India is all about colours, as much as it is sights and smells as well. Not all are good of course, but some are so familiar like these chillies drying in the sun. #mussoorie #india #garwhal #lonelyplanetindia #chillies #iloveindia #iloveindianfood

Being in India is all about colours, as much as it is sights and smells as well. Not all are good of course, but some are so familiar like these chillies drying in the sun. #mussoorie #india #garwhal #lonelyplanetindia #chillies #iloveindia #iloveindianfood


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Photo post: 2014 – The international year of family farming

2014 was the international year of family farming. In my next post I’ll detail the current focus for 2015 (the year of light) but I think it’s worth revisiting 2014 first. Farming plays a vital role in economies around the world and contributes to food security, the growth of communities and protecting the environment. It has also increasingly become one of my roles and I wrote about my bit part farming for Gale here in 2013 (running Black Angus cattle on Queensland’s Darling Downs). This has helped me understand a little of the role of farming in communities here in Australia but also during my travels in developing and developed countries seeing how farming forms and has formed the backbone of many countries.

Tapiola cattle station, Dalby, Queensland

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Anti Poverty week photo series

I have been posting a series of images each day for Anti Poverty week (13-19 October) on the Visited Planet photojournalism Facebook page. This concludes today so I’ve collated and reworked the posts here below with the photos, and added a few more.

Work and income, health, housing, education and services are all thought to be the main five causes of poverty. These posts sought to take a closer look at some of the issues, particularly in regards poverty in Australia.

Day 1 of Anti Poverty week: Indigenous Australians
Indigenous Australian households are vulnerable to poverty. Their median income is substantially lower than the median income of non-Indigenous households.


This Aboriginal cowboy on the Northern Territory / West Australian border shows one of the many employment areas where Indigenous people excel

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Eating and drinking around the world in pictures

When I first moved to Italy a man asked if I would join him and his wife for dinner. I declined politely as I couldn’t speak Italian well at the time. He said if I liked to eat I should come for dinner. To an Italian that’s pretty simple.

Some of the most memorable moments you have as a traveler or photographer are eating and drinking; sitting in quiet cafes people watching, being invited into a wedding when you were just walking down the street, tasting something rather unidentifiable that is surprisingly good… there are endless moments like these.

Here are some of these moments in photographs.

Hunters, their dogs and catchBy Joanne LanehuntinghuntersItalyTuscanyDogsGunsRabbitsAnimals
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The Brisbane floods – a photographic glimpse in 40 shots

After years of covering other disasters it was finally my turn to be one of the victims. I was one of the casualties of the floods that struck Brisbane city the week of January 10-14. My house was evacuated, the bottom storey was destroyed and we’ve had a mammoth effort to clean and start rebuilding the property.

I was so busy it was difficult to document much of what was going on. However I’ve managed to pull out 40 photographs that detail the water buildup, the evacuation, full scale flood in my area, cleanup and volunteer effort. I did not have time to travel around the city or go anywhere beyond my few blocks as we were in full on crisis. And so this gallery is really a look at what was happening around a few streets in Auchenflower over the flood week and the days since.

Please refer to my blogs on Asian Correspondent for more details on the events.

The street first begins to flood, January 11, 2011.

An early casualty. Lunch time, January 11, 2011.

Even ducks won’t go in the water. January 11, 2011.

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