I know everyone has been concerned with Japan, New Zealand and Australia in recent months with unfolding disasters across these nations. However the downturn in Ireland’s economic fortunes is also of concern to many and there has again been a out-flux of immigrants to nations around the world such as Australia and New Zealand.

“Remember the Celtic Tiger? Well, she turned out to be a pussycat with a shamrock. Ireland was the hot country of the 2000s as youth from throughout the euro zone flocked there for jobs in finance, software development, restaurants, what have you…That was then. A property bubble burst badly, leaving Irish banks technically insolvent and the government deeply in debt — its ratio of deficit to GDP, at 14.3%, is higher than that of Greece…the Irish government pledges to cut more, but you can’t get blood from a blarney stone.”
– Howard Gold, Marketwatch.com 9/27/2010

Last year I met a number of young Irish men with working holiday visas in Australia. They said their parents had told them to stay away as long as possible as there was no work to come home to. It seemed a very sad indictment of affairs.
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