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Cameras for Asia Nepal: Children’s images

From brick workers to bustling markets and celebrations for the Tibetan New Year, the recent Cameras for Asia workshops in Nepal generated a lot of really great images of life in the Kathmandu valley. The images below were taken by children from the Children’s Welfare Centre in Godwari and the Nepal Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.


Monk novices at Swaymbhunath for Losar, Tibetan New Year. Pic: Amrita.

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Visiting the roof of the world: Nepal

Smoky cities, endless traffic jams, a hubbub of noise and pollution, snowy vistas, quiet valleys, grazing yak, butter tea, blazing butter lamps, friendly smiles … all experiences of Nepal are both intense, conflicting, variable, colourful and memorable. While my time here recently was largely spent teaching photography, with the Cameras for Asia program and therefore without time to concentrate on it myself, I did manage to take the odd image, and these are now loaded into the database and accessible through this link (see Langtang, Cameras for Asia and the Kathmandu Valley).

Here are some highlights.

Collecting water after a day's work at the brick factory.

Collecting water after a day’s work at the brick factory.

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The brick workers of Kathmandu

Brick factories have been operating in the Kathmandu Valley for some 3000 years. Many of the famed monuments in the area such as the squares, temples and houses were built with terracotta bricks. Today the industry is responsible for a lot of the pollution that hangs over the valley, but also the poor respiratory health of many of its workers – these are seasonal labourers and many come from India.

They live alongside the factories during the working season, their babies watching from hammocks slung nearby, their children sometimes helping or playing nearby.

Here are some images of the brick workers of Kathmandu.

A face amongst the bricks

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Cameras for Asia: CWC in Kathmandu, Nepal 2013

Cameras for Asia visited the Kathmandu valley in March and ran photographic workshops with 12-13 high school students from the Children’s Welfare Centre in Godwari. Ten cameras and various accessories were left behind afterwards for their ongoing use.

The great sense of humour, excellent English and basic camera skills the students already had made the classes a lot of fun and easy to teach. We got through basics of composition, portraits, action and macro photography quickly and onto things like lighting, colour use, contrasts and other techniques.

They learned fast and took some great photographs. Here is an array of the images they took and photographs of them in action. Please see the Cameras for Asia Facebook page for more photographs taken on this project as they are well worth checking out.

Portrait of a local farmer in traditional dress. Pic: Suman.

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