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New exhibition: “Outside In” at St Vincent’s hospital

I am pleased to announce I am one of 18 artists selected for the “Outside In” exhibition at St Vincent’s hospital here in Brisbane starting on May 23. The exhibition will run for six months and my images will be displayed on level 2.

Here’s some information about the focus of the exhibition:

“Outside In” aims to provide patients with a connection from the hospital to the outside world with artworks that engender encounters with people, places and experiences beyond the hospital itself, offering opportunities for reflection and contemplation, engaging memory and recognition, inspiration and motivation. Our aim is to make a difference to patients’ hospital experiences providing hope and aspriation (sic), diversion from regular hospital routine, relaxation and potentially improve patient health outcomes.

I love the focus of this as it fits really well into one of my mission statements of Visited Planet. I’m also really pleased to be involved with St Vincent’s as a friend of mine spent the last 12 months or so of his life at this hospital in palliative care and I used to visit him there every Saturday and sometimes show him my work with the idea of bringing the outside world to him. So I actually submitted my work in memory of Rudy (previous posts about him here and here).

Here are the images that will be on display but if you’re in Brisbane, they do look much better on the walls of the hospital so go in and see them and say hello to the patients and staff while you’re in there.

Walking into Middle Earth, Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Walking into Middle Earth, Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Woman with wine bottles, Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy.

Woman with wine bottles, Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy.

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Hot off the press: Yangon in 25 photographs

Yangon is a city that has become familiar to me over the years and yet in the space of five years it has also become a vastly different place. Some aspects of the city are unrecognisable from 2009 and the rate of development is astounding as are the price hikes! It’s a mysterious place that is both Asia of old with crumbling edifices, hints of British colonialism and outdated, out moded ways such as trishaws and letter writing services and yet very modern as well with ATMs appearing, iPhone sellers and even the odd SUV on the road. It’s therefore a fascinating place for photography.

Having said that I didn’t get a lot of time for dedicated photography in Yangon at all during this visit. Most of my photos were taken in fleeting moments between classes, during classes or when I had gone out on errand to pick up prints or some such job.

Still I set myself the task of doing this post with just 25 shots that encapsulated this visit for me at the markets, on the boats, in downtown and Mingaladon. These photos were only taken within a 20km radius but segments of the city can seem worlds apart from the busy streets of a railway side market to the quiet of a pagoda or the sweaty dust of a brick makers workplace.

To see more images of Yangon in the database click here.


I was waiting to be picked up one day when this truck load of monks came past, all crammed in, fans held high to block the sun. When they saw me standing by the rubbish heap many craned to see me and smiles appeared.

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2014 calendar – Cameras for Asia: Myanmar

Visited Planet is pleased to announce the 2014 Cameras for Asia: Myanmar calendar utilising more than 12 superb images taken by kids aged 10-20 years from the Cameras for Asia workshops.

Size: A5 (1 month on two pages)
Retail: AUD $10 (free pickup in Auchenflower, Brisbane)
Postage: $2
Order: Email for bank details or make a payment through Paypal (use “buy now” button and please email to confirm order details)

If you are in downtown Yangon the 50th Street Bar and Cafe is also selling them.

Here are some of the pages from the calendar.

Cover and back page of 2014 calendar.

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Living history: new images from Yangon

Visited Planet has spent the last few weeks in Myanmar, mostly doing work with Cameras for Asia and running photographic workshops and excursions. Numerous images are posted on the Cameras for Asia Facebook page taken by Yangon children.

There was little time to take images of my own but I seized the rare moment to get these shots. Any time spent in Yangon is like taking a step back into Asia’s past. Crumbling colonial buildings, groaning infrastructure and ancient sights and smells are a reality in this old city. There’s a magic here that’s unattainable in the rest of the developing region of Asia now. Even in the four years  I’ve been visiting much has changed, development is coming and life is changing – often for the better but with a certain sense of nostalgia.

Buddhist nuns by Shwedagon pagoda.

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In pictures: celebrating Human Rights

10 December every year is set aside to celebrate, highlight and advocate human rights, a full list of which is available here.

In that vein of celebrating rights to life, liberty, security, dignity, freedom of thought and religion, food, clothing, housing and more, here are 10 images celebrating what it is to be human from around the world.

Laughing children in underwear in a back alley of Kolkata, India

“Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor… Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.” -Mother Theresa
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