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Photo gallery: Celebrating life – Saturdays with Rudy

I read “Tuesdays with Morrie” some time ago about a former student visiting his professor who was dying from Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS).

For the last six months I’ve been visiting a friend in hospital dying from AIDS on Saturdays after lunch. It became a routine: bike ride, market, Rudy. There is little that is honourable, decent or dignifying about AIDS and watching the slow deterioration in this friend has been agonising.

Like in the story, I enjoyed immensely the time we had together, even though Rudy was no philosophiser on life. His face would light up when he saw me, he’d whinge and complain about family members to me in confidence and we’d go downstairs in his wheelchair so he could smoke away to his heart’s content. Yes I took him – why should he have been denied a few simple joys in his last months? A nip of Baileys and a good dose of chocolate were our other great shared joys. Read more

Five feature images for photojournalism competition

I spent all day Friday preparing photographs for the FCCT / OnAsia Photo-journalism Contest. As usual I had left it until the last minute and had to do it all rather quickly so I’m under no illusion my submission was all that great but it’s a good process to go through – and it does refresh you on some of the better images you’ve taken in the last 12 months.

I like OnAsia as they utilize local photographers in the Asia/Pacific region with a focus on photojournalism and documentary images.

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Photo gallery: close encounters of the koala kind in Noosa

I spent a few days in Noosa last week to take a break from fixing the house up after the Brisbane floods.

It was great to have some R&R time doing very little. However one of my favourite past times in Noosa is walking through the national park, and this time I was treated by meeting a very special park resident.

Here are some images:

I was walking in the Noosa National Park photographing surfers when this little guy appeared by the walking path.

He began scuttling down the path in front of me, hopping along like a rabbit at times.

He surprised this surfer.

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