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In pictures: Celebrating Australia Day

When I was young I always regretted that I wasn’t born a day earlier, on Australia Day. When I was a teenager and learned the history of white settlement and what that had meant, and still means, to Aboriginal people, my regrets disappeared. Today I can appreciate Australia Day for what it means in the sense of acknowledging the freedom we have to celebrate a modern, democratic state free of war and fear while still remembering the past and seeking to make the future one of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity for everyone on these shores.

With that in mind, here are some images of what it means to be an Australian on January 26. Happy Australia Day to everyone!

Feel free to add your own “Australia Day means … ” comment below.


Australia Day means… taking the time to learn from our elders.

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Anti Poverty week photo series

I have been posting a series of images each day for Anti Poverty week (13-19 October) on the Visited Planet photojournalism Facebook page. This concludes today so I’ve collated and reworked the posts here below with the photos, and added a few more.

Work and income, health, housing, education and services are all thought to be the main five causes of poverty. These posts sought to take a closer look at some of the issues, particularly in regards poverty in Australia.

Day 1 of Anti Poverty week: Indigenous Australians
Indigenous Australian households are vulnerable to poverty. Their median income is substantially lower than the median income of non-Indigenous households.


This Aboriginal cowboy on the Northern Territory / West Australian border shows one of the many employment areas where Indigenous people excel

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In pictures: cattle work on Tapiola

A couple of times a year I go out to Tapiola station, Dalby to help a friend who is agisting some Black Angus cattle I co-own with a friend.

The weekend is always fun fixing up the yards, fences, clearing paddocks, branding, tagging, castrating and yarding animals for sale.

It’s pretty hard to get images when you’re climbing fences and pushing animals through the pens while looking out for rogue bulls, but here are some images from the weekend.

To see all the images in this gallery go to this link in the database. The more recent images are from the last pages.

Storm clouds build over Dalby. Pic: Joanne Lane,


Evening cattle inspection from the ute. Pic: Joanne Lane,

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Fingers from heaven

I just put a post on Facebook with light shining down from the skies on a recent trek I undertook to Dodital, Uttarkhand (India). To me it looked like fingers from heaven. This inspired me to find some other similar shots using light, reflections or sunlight that in a similar way that rejoice in nature and reflect something of heaven.

Strzlecki, Australia

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey
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In pictures: sunsets in Asia

The sunset photograph is possibly the most over done image in the world. And yet some are so beautiful it’s hard not to keep clicking. In Asia they are particularly beautiful. That late afternoon light lends a dramatic touch to cities often drenched in heat haze and pollution. Architecture seems to soften and above all the sunset heralds the arrival of a cooler season, at least for a few hours. The movement of people heading home, or engaging in some time of leisure is also indeed wonderful. Here are some images from places around Asia taken from the Visited Planet database.

Strzelecki Track, South Australia

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