I’m in the throes of departure for an international trip, hence the lack of blogs of late.

I’ve gone away so many times you would think it’s old hat by now, but there’s always so much to do:
– getting currencies
– booking flights and accommodation or researching them
– taking out travel insurance
– finishing off work and more often than not, taking what I need with me
– research where I’m / we’re going
– making sure the fridge and freezer are emptied
– someone looks after my worms and garden!
– getting all the electrics together: phone/camera charges, laptops, usb sticks, image storage devices
– packing clothes / making it all fit (last time I squeezed everything into a 12kg bag!) but my cameras and laptop were carry-on luggage.
– etc etc.

A bit of a nightmare in all and still far too much to do. A lot of people have asked for my advice on preparing for trips given the amount of travel I do. I think they are often shocked how little I do in regards the itinerary. Anyway here’s some of my advice in three really simple steps:

* Don’t over plan
I am one of those people that doesn’t book flights much in advance. Currently I have a flight booked from here to Malaysia, and from Belfast to Edinburgh. That’s it. Doesn’t bother me too much but I somehow need to get from Malaysia to Belfast soon. Budget airlines mean you can book more last minute with little change to prices (although don’t leave it too late) and this leaves you a lot more flexibility in your itinerary.

I usually book the first night’s accommodation so I have somewhere to go when I arrive and that’s usually it unless I’m on a tight schedule and absolutely must stay in certain places.
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