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In portraits: children

Children are some of the most interesting and vibrant portraits I’ve shot over the years. Never still, curious, unpredictable, amazing facial expressions and simply delightful. They also love cameras.

Poon Hill to Chomrong trek, Annapurna, Nepal

Poon Hill to Chomrong trek, Annapurna, Nepal

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Kids with cameras

About a month ago I collected old digital cameras from friends to take into Asia and I’ve run a number of photography workshops with these since with orphan kids. More details will come shortly. In the meantime here are some of the better shots the kids have taken after we did a segment on portrait photography.

The great thing about this set of photos was they took these on their own. I didn’t go with them. They were instructed to talk to people, get close, interact and take the shots. When they came back they said how hard that had been. It is hard when you’re 8-13 years with a camera photographing adults but they did very well!

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Photo gallery: Tradition, struggle and hope in the lead-up to the elections in Myanmar

This is the second in a three-part series of photographic essays, a submission I made to Panos Pictures a few weeks ago. For those that have been waiting for this second post, my apologies, I’ve had a busy week.

The first of the posts detailed some of the issues Garwhali women face in the rugged Himalayan region of India. This essay below is about the lead up to the Myanmar elections. The final essay, to be posted next, is about villages that went through an earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Myanmar epitomises much of the Asia of old and appears almost locked into an era you only dream about now in much of Asia.

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar.

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Photo gallery: The Garwhali brides

This is one of three photographic essays that were submitted to Panos Pictures recently. It details some of the issues Garwhali women face in the rugged Himalayan region of India.

The Garwhal is a rugged mountain range at the foot hills of the Himalayas in India’s northern state of Uttarkhand. It is peppered with deep gorges, ravines and high mountains over 20,000 feet.

Garwhal landscape Uttarkhand

The hilly terrain and rough weather makes road connectivity a problem and even where there are roads they can be damaged or cut off by snow, landslides or monsoon rain throughout the year.

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Photo of the day: Smoking pipes in Vietnam

Earlier this year I bought a motorbike and travelled from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi – you can see the blogs on

The section to A Luoi, north and inland from Danang, was a mountainous route that took me into terrain a bit like what you see in Papua New Guinea with hills pressing in on each other and the road, the gradient never less than 10 percent going either up or down making it impossible really to ever stop the bike to take a good look around.

There was also a distinct feeling in these parts that it had not seen a foreign face for some time. There are a number of ethnic groups in this region, many of whom I saw fossicking for war scrap along the rivers. The women often can be seen smoking pipes. I had a number of interactions with these people but their work along the riverbeds seemed hot, desperate and also rather sad despite their cheery outlook as this photo would suggest.

A woman working by the riverbed near A Luoi



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