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New products: Visited Planet photographic cards

Visited Planet is pleased to announce the release of 15 new greeting cards.  These are divided between a “world” series featuring Visited Planet images and a “Cameras for Asia” series with images taken by children during workshops. Sales of the latter are divided between Cameras for Asia and the centre where it was taken.

To order a greeting card email and provide:
* Your name and the address to send the cards
* The identifiying number and quantity of cards
* Payment advice (paypal to or email for bank details)
Introductory offer: Free postage in Australia for an order of six cards or more.

Design 2: 9 card “World” series
Card Quality: 4 colour process plus overall matt varnish on 250gsm card.
Finished size: Scored to fold to 175mm x 115mm
Blank inside.
Cost: $2 each
Introductory offer: Free postage in Australia for an order of six cards or more.

2A – Myanmar monks
2B – Black Hmong kids, Vientam
2C – Annapurna, Nepal
one tooth smile
2D – Yogyakarta smile
2E – Sumatran flowers
sunset over a ger
2F – Mongolian sunset
bali kids
2G – Bali kids
dunes with footprints
2H – Australian dunes
2I – Meditation in India

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Update on 2012 calendars – 20% discount now available

There have been some good sales of the two 2012 calendars offered through Visited Planet.

To jog your memory one contains images taken by orphans in Myanmar and the other from the database of Visited Planet. Profits from both calendars will go directly back towards developmental projects and to the orphans themselves. See the product page for more details.

Anyway Lulu, the company printing and distributing the calendars, is now offering a 20% discount on all purchases made before the 20th January – this Friday. For those in Australia that basically wipes out the postage fee.

Please do consider a purchase to support Visited Planet’s work.

Feel free to email Jo at with your comments/thoughts/photo aspirations. See and learn more at

Visited Planet 2012 calendar

In addition to the Cameras for Asia calendar project, Visited Planet has also launched a calendar featuring images from the database by photojournalist Joanne Lane.

The purchase of this calendar is an invaluable support for the work of Visited Planet in countries like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mongolia and Myanmar.

The Visited Planet 2012 calendar celebrates the diversity of nations with colourful images of life, culture and joy. But it also highlights the ongoing struggles people face around the world and the ways in which Visited Planet has been involved with them. Your purchase of this calendar will enable the ongoing work and efforts of Visited Planet, particularly in Asia. This has sometimes taken place through classroom lessons teaching English, photography, sports and other subjects to equip people with new skills. It has also been documentary in nature photographing and writing recovery efforts and struggles after adversity in an attempt to encourage and motivate people. And support has also been in the form of monetary donations to enhance developmental programs whether that be fledgling businesses or small projects to enable people to feel empowered and instilled with hope for a future where freedom and restoration is possible. Please see for further details.

Click here to purchase your calendar!
Feel free to email Jo at with your comments/thoughts/photo aspirations. See and learn more at

Visited Planet's new products under consideration

When I had a lot more time a few years ago I produced a number of cards and calendars for sale in Australian and British book shops. They were fairly well received. Oxfam Australia also produced a calendar of my works and a range of cards from the calendar. Some of the proceeds from the products were donated towards various organisations. Read more

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Visited Planet's documentary and lifestyle photographic projects are designed to aid, equip, empower and educate people around the world.

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