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Photo gallery: Helping the Burmese

My post yesterday about Partners generated quite a few hits to the blog which suggests people are very interested in this corner of the world. I do hope those that viewed it clicked through to check out what Partners does for Burma’s refugees and displaced people. Given the interest I thought it might be worth reporting on some work I did with Visited Planet in 2009 and some of my impressions of the country.

I visited the country in late 2009 for several weeks during which time I taught photography to orphanages and other groups (won’t go into any specific detail about locations) however some of the people (including children and adults) had never held cameras before. It was amazing to witness their delight in simply holding the cameras and pressing the buttons. It was incredible to think the little knowledge I have of the subject could be so useful to them. I plan to return and take some cameras with me to donate to the projects I visited and continue the photographic lessons.

Obviously as a tourist you are quite restricted as to your movements and what you can see. However people did open up about their plight. You can read a little about my interactions with them and thoughts on the nation at these blogs I penned for Asian Correspondent.
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How to help Burma's displaced people

Woman and child in Bagan, Burma

A friend came around this week to talk about her experience on the Thai Burma border with displaced people. There are a number of reasons the people are displaced – some have had to flee in the wake of advancing Burmese troops, some of the children are sold into sexual slavery by desperate parents, while others that have lost limbs in the fighting  come to Thailand to get a prosthetic.

Given my recent visit to Burma and the refugees I have met in north Thailand in the past, it was interesting to get an update on the situation and also check out the organisation she went over there to help. Read more

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