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In pictures: Celebrating Australia Day

When I was young I always regretted that I wasn’t born a day earlier, on Australia Day. When I was a teenager and learned the history of white settlement and what that had meant, and still means, to Aboriginal people, my regrets disappeared. Today I can appreciate Australia Day for what it means in the sense of acknowledging the freedom we have to celebrate a modern, democratic state free of war and fear while still remembering the past and seeking to make the future one of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity for everyone on these shores.

With that in mind, here are some images of what it means to be an Australian on January 26. Happy Australia Day to everyone!

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Australia Day means… taking the time to learn from our elders.

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Running around the world

I AM one of those travellers that always packs a pair of running shoes in my bag even if I don’t really have space. There are some really good places to run in Malaysia, on the beaches and islands in particular. However, even in the cities you will find nice places to run.”

This is an excerpt from my recent article on “Running in Malaysia” for the Travel Wire Asia / Tourism Malaysia campaign.

Malaysia of course isn’t the only place I’ve been running abroad. Of course it’s too hard to take your camera out when you are running, but here are some images from some of my most favoured places to run when I am traveling.

Langkawi, Malaysia

An image of a beach in Langkawi featured in the article mentioned above and indeed Malaysia’s beaches, as are those in Thailand,  Vietnam, Indonesia and elsewhere in Asia, are excellent for running. While the beach itself can be a challenge in the soft sand at high tide, there are often good roads nearby or pavements to pound. And as tourism is usually fairly established in the beach resorts they are used to seeing foreigners out running.
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Regatta Lepa – a boating festival Sabah style

Earlier this year I hit the streets of Semporna in Malaysian Borneo for a festival with a difference – the Regatta Lepa, an event celebrating the traditional, single-mast sailing boats of the Bajau.

With pretty sailing boats dotting the harbour, electrifying cultural performances and plenty of action on and off the water it was a fantastic insight into the culture of this part of Sabah and event I highly recommend if you should ever find yourself in Borneo at the end of March.

I posted some photos of this at the time here on my blog, however my article about the event has just been published on Travel Wire Asia: “Regatta Lepa – a boating festival Sabah style”.

Regatta Lepa 2012, Semporna, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia


This article was part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia. If you enjoyed this article and would like to find out more about travelling to Malaysia, please visit the Tourism Malaysia website

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Photo of the day: Kite surfing into the sunset

I was up at Caloundra (Sunshine Coast, Queensland) about a week ago and enjoyed watching the surfers dancing between the mainland and Bribie Island one sunset. Here’s one of my favourite images from that evening.

Kite surfing at sunset. Pic: Joanne Lane,

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