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New exhibition: “Outside In” at St Vincent’s hospital

I am pleased to announce I am one of 18 artists selected for the “Outside In” exhibition at St Vincent’s hospital here in Brisbane starting on May 23. The exhibition will run for six months and my images will be displayed on level 2.

Here’s some information about the focus of the exhibition:

“Outside In” aims to provide patients with a connection from the hospital to the outside world with artworks that engender encounters with people, places and experiences beyond the hospital itself, offering opportunities for reflection and contemplation, engaging memory and recognition, inspiration and motivation. Our aim is to make a difference to patients’ hospital experiences providing hope and aspriation (sic), diversion from regular hospital routine, relaxation and potentially improve patient health outcomes.

I love the focus of this as it fits really well into one of my mission statements of Visited Planet. I’m also really pleased to be involved with St Vincent’s as a friend of mine spent the last 12 months or so of his life at this hospital in palliative care and I used to visit him there every Saturday and sometimes show him my work with the idea of bringing the outside world to him. So I actually submitted my work in memory of Rudy (previous posts about him here and here).

Here are the images that will be on display but if you’re in Brisbane, they do look much better on the walls of the hospital so go in and see them and say hello to the patients and staff while you’re in there.

Walking into Middle Earth, Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Walking into Middle Earth, Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Woman with wine bottles, Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy.

Woman with wine bottles, Certaldo, Tuscany, Italy.

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Helping hands

Helping Hands runs a van that delivers coffee, food and bread to people in Ipswich several days a week. It’s a great service connecting with marginalised people and showing love. In honour of Helping Hands, here’s a few photos and quotes of other hands at work, rest, play and helping others.

A woman making a Batik cloth, Yogyakarta, after an earthquake that devastated the village. It was good to see their crafts were still practiced despite the piles of rubble around them.

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Photo gallery: hiking around the world

Hiking is a passion of mine when I travel and I’m fortunate to have had experiences on the slopes of mountains in Italy and Switzerland, the moors of England, the highlands of Scotland, the rough ranges of Tasmania and the wilds of New Zealand.

I was inspired to produce this particular post of some of my favourite hikes by an article I wrote recently for Travel Wire Asia – “Hiking in the Cameron Highlands” about an experience there amongst the tea plantations, misty hills and alpine climate of this highland in Malaysia. The article was also part of a publication for Tourism Malaysia.

Hiking in the Cameron Highlands was memorable not just because of the incredible landscapes, but also the inherent danger in hiking in this region. You do need to be prepared for the challenges the mist, rain and cold bring to your person but also to navigation and therein lies part of the challenge that inspires many to visit this region every year.

Although that is true of hiking just about anywhere and all the images below are from places with changeable climates – something that contributes greatly to their inherent beauty too.

Here are some of my favourite images of places I’ve hiked around the world.

This first image of Sri Lanka features similar landscapes to those of the Cameron Highlands. Strolling through plantations past the pickers was a great way to take in part of the incredible production line that is tea in this part of the world.

Views that inspire from every angle – hiking the Routeburn in New Zealand.

The Overland Track is one of Australia’s best loved wilderness walks in the heart of Tasmania.

Glencoe, Highlands, Scotland

The highlands of Scotland beg further exploration, particularly around spectacular Glen Coe.

Poon Hill to Chomrong trek, Annapurna, Nepal
Stunning rice terraces in the Annapurna regions of Nepal.


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Photo gallery: Celebrating women for International Women's Day

March 8 this year was the centenary of International Women’s Day. The annual event marks the economic, political and social achievements of women.

With a view to celebrating those achievements here’s a short gallery of some of the amazing women I’ve met during travels around the world. These women were working in the fields to put food on the table for their children, they were tending and milking buffalo, cooking meals, raising children, teaching their grandchildren and even representing the rights of those less fortunate in local politics.

The woman on the right was a social advocate for village people in India displaced by the creation of new national parks. Pic: Joanne Lane,

I think the key is for women not to set any limits.
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