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Helping hands

Helping Hands runs a van that delivers coffee, food and bread to people in Ipswich several days a week. It’s a great service connecting with marginalised people and showing love. In honour of Helping Hands, here’s a few photos and quotes of other hands at work, rest, play and helping others.

A woman making a Batik cloth, Yogyakarta, after an earthquake that devastated the village. It was good to see their crafts were still practiced despite the piles of rubble around them.

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New gallery: Songkran madness, Bangkok

I thought I’d seen some crazy festivals in my time, but the Thai new year celebrations in Bangkok still took me by surprise.

The festival basically amounts to an enormous water fight, although many Thais do visit the wats and temples for merit making, prayers and so on, plus there are some amazing cultural events around the city. But it’s the water you have to look out for. I never got more than a few steps from the hotel without being doused each day – which was fantastic anyway as it was pretty warm around 35 degrees each day.

Wherever you go there are people on street corners with hoses and buckets, cars coming past with water barrels in the back and motorbike riders wielding water guns.

Photography was really difficult and I went out armed with a water proof bags and plenty of plastic and had to shoot under pretty hurried conditions. Still some shots came out okay. Here are some favourites.

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Five feature images for photojournalism competition

I spent all day Friday preparing photographs for the FCCT / OnAsia Photo-journalism Contest. As usual I had left it until the last minute and had to do it all rather quickly so I’m under no illusion my submission was all that great but it’s a good process to go through – and it does refresh you on some of the better images you’ve taken in the last 12 months.

I like OnAsia as they utilize local photographers in the Asia/Pacific region with a focus on photojournalism and documentary images.

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Photo Gallery: Celebrating Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and in the vein of celebrating mothers, here are some images from around the world that show us how important they are everywhere.

Bhutanese woman and child Near Bhumtang valley. This lady was with a group of women waiting out the rain near a monastery so their children would not get wet.

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Photo gallery – noserings and jewellery from around the world

The following images are taken of nomadic women and various people groups from locations as diverse as China, Papua New Guinea, India, Senegal and Vietnam. All were chosen for the incredible jewellery and noserings the women were wearing.

Rann of Kutch, India

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