Last week I attended a fundraiser for Operation Uganda who care for 250 orphaned and vulnerable children and support needy families. Funds they raise go towards the children’s shoes, clothing, pencils and text books and it’s possible to support a child in much the same way as World Vision for AUD $45/month. Operation Uganda assures you all the money goes direct to the children.

A representative from the organization had brought jewellery and handicrafts from villages in Uganda, and sales went back to providing the makers with an income. There were some gorgeous necklaces made from paper that had been twisted/rolled into little round shapes much like papier mache but much firmer. You can also donate your old mobile phone to the organization, join a Mission to visit them on the ground or become one of their staff.

While Uganda has made huge inroads into reducing the number of its impoverished peoples, about one third of the population of 25 million still face hunger and chronic poverty. Children are often the most vulnerable and in Uganda have also been forced to become child soldiers. It is estimated 30,000 to 66,000 have been used by Joseph Kony’s LRA to populate the ranks of his army.

For this reason organizations like Operation Uganda are so important, to stem the tide of poverty and attempt to rehabilitate troubled youngsters who will form the backbone of the country in years to come.

You can read more about Uganda’s problems at World Vision and Chronic Poverty.


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