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Photo post: 2015 – International Year of Light

Following on from yesterday’s post detailing the 2014 International Year of Family Farming, this post covers the 2015 United Nations designated “Year of Light and Light Based Technologies”. The year of light has been developed to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind in fields such as energy, communication, medicine, education, agriculture and health.

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Photo post: 2014 – The international year of family farming

2014 was the international year of family farming. In my next post I’ll detail the current focus for 2015 (the year of light) but I think it’s worth revisiting 2014 first. Farming plays a vital role in economies around the world and contributes to food security, the growth of communities and protecting the environment. It has also increasingly become one of my roles and I wrote about my bit part farming for Gale here in 2013 (running Black Angus cattle on Queensland’s Darling Downs). This has helped me understand a little of the role of farming in communities here in Australia but also during my travels in developing and developed countries seeing how farming forms and has formed the backbone of many countries.

Tapiola cattle station, Dalby, Queensland

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