Visited Planet regularly makes donations to charitable groups, organisations and people groups it comes across through Jo’s travels. The main project funded by Visited Planet is 
Cameras for Asia that includes distributing digital cameras and teaching basic photographic skills in Asia.

A full list of previous projects are listed on the old website. These have included things like:

* Micro economic development in Hyderabad, India: micro business loans to people and families with HIV/AIDS for establishment of sewing, animal breeding and other projects
* Sustainable development in Myanmar: micro business loans to people and families of low economic means
* Documentary photography / development work in Indonesia
* Hairlip operations in Indonesia

From time to time, other needs are mentioned to me. Some current ones include:

– rebuilding the GEMS school in North India, lost in a court case
– uniforms for the Himalayan mountain school, GEMS
– sponsorship for children from CWC, Nepal
– flooring, furniture and books/resources for the Bhurung School, Annapurna, Nepal

Visited Planet welcomes donations to any of these projects. Please use the button below to make your contribution.

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