The digital database is managed by SmugMug and there is a full list of prices when you go to the shopping cart. Payment is via credit card or bank transfer. A basic summary of these costs is provided below, however more print sizes, merchandise and other options are available:

Note: Currently SmugMug only has printers based in the USA, so Australian and other buyers are advised to utilise the digital downloads section only until they elect an Australian agent so shipping costs are minimal, or contact [email protected] directly for an order. Once this is done there is the an otpion to pay online using this Paypal button or account details will be sent to you.

4×6   $10
5×7   $15
8×10  $20
8×12  $25
11×14 $30
12×18 $35
16×20 $40
16×24 $45
20×30 $50
24×36 $60
Canvas (rolled and wrapped), ready to hang and framed prints are also available at additional cost. If you have a bulk purchase or would like to see a lightbox of images matching your requirements please email [email protected] for details.

Digital downloads (personal use)
Web size 640×480 $2
Low-res 1Mpix $8
Hi-res 4Mpix $15
Original $40

Digital downloads (commercial and editorial)
Web size 640×480 $10
Low-res 1Mpix $20
Hi-Res 4Mpix $45
Original $100

Other products
T-shirts, cards, coasters, mouse pads, mugs, stickers and other products are available through the shopping cart function.