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Cameras for Asia: India part 2

The Cameras for Asia program recently visited India, taking the program to three different centres around the country. Three posts will be published in the coming days on all three centres.

Read part 1 here.
Read part 3 here (link will become active when the post is published).

Mallika, Hyderabad (India)

Women's photography group at the markets. Don't be fooled by the serious expressions - they had the time of their lives.

Women’s photography group at the markets. Don’t be fooled by the serious expressions – they had the time of their lives as they had never been on an excursion before in their lives.

Mallika is a sewing cooperative in Hyderabad and run by Nireekshena, a clinic that provides medication, counselling and other services to those that are HIV positive. The women at Mallika are either HIV+ or someone in their family is. Many have children, struggle financially to make ends meet and may suffer the side effects of medication. They had little or no experience with cameras and lacked confidence going out in public taking photographs, but over the course of the week their skills and confidence grew in spades and their joy at discovering new talents was infectious and wonderful to behold. Six cameras were donated to Mallika. Read more

Cameras for Asia: Yangon photo festival

During the recent Cameras for Asia workshops in Yangon, the city’s annual photography festival was being held and I was able to take the children to the awards night where Aung San Suu Kyi was one of the judges.

It was a really wonderful opportunity for the children to see some world class photographic work, by both local and international photographers, and see the Lady, who is such an icon in Myanmar and indeed around the world.

Here are some images of the night.


Me in the back seat with the kids heading out for the photo night. Photo by Andrew Rogers.

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Cameras for Asia: Yangon through the lens of children

Cameras for Asia hosted a three week exhibition of the children’s images this year in Yangon at the Witness Yangon Documentary Arts Space run by Myanmar Deitta from February 16 until about March 7 (the flyer says Feb 28 but it was extended another week). This wonderful space allows international and local photographers the opportunity to exhibit FOR FREE, which is a tremendous provision for a budget such as the one Cameras for Asia runs on.


The exhibition flyer. How good is your Myanmar? Well it doesn’t matter as it’s translated in both languages!

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Cameras for Asia Myanmar: Recent images by AYDC photographers

Featuring Yangon’s next generation of photographers. These are some of the recent images taken by the AYDC kids during Cameras for Asia classes and excursions of the life they experience in Myanmar’s biggest city. Get a snapshot of their world through these images as many of these photographs feature everyday sights, sounds, places, faces and sensations they encounter.

To read more about the recent workshops in Myanmar see this post : Behind the scenes of Cameras for Asia: Myanmar 2014. Do also note these images are available for purchase and all sales go direct to the centre.


Action at the AYDC football grounds. Image by: Pol lu

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